"Dinacharya - Aligning to Nature's Rhythm"
with PatrickHeffernan
hosted by
Karen Trujillo-Heffernan
Thursday, March 4th, 2021
5:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Mountain /
7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern


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TOPIC: Dinacharya is the Sanskrit term for daily Ayurvedic rituals which, when practiced regularly, help to support a life of optimal wellness through routine, detoxification and nourishment. When we are healthy and balanced, we are able to fulfill our dharma, our essential life’s purpose, allowing us to feel our best and share our gifts with the world.

Patrick will host a conversation and hold space for sharing and listening around 10 Habits that invite us as humans to align our own biorhythms with the ones that exist in larger patterns of nature - daily, seasonally and/or annually. Patrick will also provide some of the most recent and cutting edge science and literature around habit automation and identity evolution.

ABOUT: More and more in answering the question of “who am I” I use this phrase: I am divinity, having a human experience. The more I say it, the more I believe it. I’m grateful that yoga gave me that. It’s a context and a framework that supports me in every circumstance; in every relationship; in every moment. It might be the deepest thing yoga has given me – far more than any arm balance or inversion. As much as I dig the asana practice, it feels important for me to be really clear about one thing in my yoga page: YOGA MEANS UNION

CONTACT: www.patrickyoga.com