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2016 CCC Teleconference Call Replay Directory


January 7th:  Replay of Barbara Marx Hubbard January 6 webinar; hosted by Nina Patrick







January 21st:  Debra Valentina  






February 4th:  Claire "Candy" Hough  







February 18th:  Preparing for Co-Creators Convergence 2016










March 3rd:  Deb Peterson - hosted by Darlis Mayes










March 17th:  Patty Greer - hosted Kathy Mason











April 7th:  Rev. Aliza Bloom-Robinson














April 21:  The Mysteries & Magic of Damanhur












May 5: JoAnne Palladino - hosted by Kathy Mason

May 19: Jean Logan - hosted by Kathy Mason



June 2:  Elizabeth Rogers - hosted by Shelley Darling

August 18:  Co-Creators (Re)Union on ZOOM !

September 15:  "Unleash the Creative Muse! with Kathleen Brigidina Haerr, hosted by Linda Rosenthal & Shelley Darling




October 20:  Conscious Business Initiative with Humanity's Team with Steve Farrell, hosted by Kathy Mason & Ted Mason

November 17: Origins of the Human Species with Regina Meredith and Sandra Sedgbeer, hosted by Noel Marshall & Bob Warner

December 4: Special CCC Gathering ~ Standing Rock





December 15: Awakening to Your Wilder Grace with Alison Nappi hosted by Pamela Jane Gerrard and Mila Popovich

















































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