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2021 CCC "Creator Convos" Replay Directory
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December 30: Re-Experiencing BIRTH 2012 ~ Part Two hosted by Noel Marshall & Bob Warner


December 23: Re-Experiencing BIRTH 2012 ~ Part One hosted by Noel Marshall & Bob Warner


December 16: Deep Listening at Mungo Lake with Jenny Bowler hosted by Annie Spade


December 9: Near Death Experience, Mysticism, and the World with Peter Panagore hosted by Kathy Mason


December 2: Nurturing Co-Creativity in an Evolving Cosmos with Imogene Drummond hosted by Tex Albert


November 25: Edgar Cayce on Gratitude and Thanksgiving Rebroadcast of John VanAuken and CCC Community Aftertalk hosted by Noel Marshall


November 18: Forgiveness, Cruelty and Conscious Love with Kelvin Chin hosted by Kathy Mason


November 11: Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process for Designing Co-Creative Solutions with Patricia Anne Davis hosted by Becky Suzik


November 4: Ending Racism Masterclass with Dr. Richard Shealey & Tez Gabriel hosted by Tex Albert

October 28: Peace Work: Building Community Around Passions with Nicole Pollet hosted by Tex Albert / Annie Spade

October 21: Conscious Partnership, Spiritual Nomads, & Divine Purpose in Evolutionary Times with Patricia Campanile / Dario Campanile hosted by Pamela Gerali

October 14: Weaving a Basket of Peace: Sunray, Indigenous Peoples and the International Community with Sandra Sheridan hosted by Olivia Cheever


October 7: One way to embody peace ! ! ! with Elizabeth Valentine & Olivia Cheever

September 30: Discover Your Divine Blueprint and Ignite Your Spiritual Potential with Dr. Pamela Gerali hosted by Kathy Mason


September 23: Animals in the Afterlife with Kimberly Clark Sharp hosted by Noel Marshall


September 16: Synchronicity, Dreams and Hidden Secrets with Steven Ross hosted by Jennifer Evanko


September 9JoyFUEL ACTIVATE! with Becky Suzik hosted by Bob Warner


September 2Everything Is Here To Be Created with Ayelet Baron & Dr. Natalie Dyer hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

August 26Physical Ascension Through Embodiment with David Maria hosted by Kathy Mason


August 19Mythopoetic Education for Co-Creative Agency with Orla O'Reilly Hazra hosted by Annie Spade & Tex J.G. Albert


August 12: Success and Wealth... with Ease with Marc Allen hosted by Cynthia Diane Clayton 


August 5: An NDE life Preview, the Emerald City and the Shoe on the Ledge with Kimberly Clark Sharp hosted by Kathy Mason


July 29:  Go Walk Yourself: Walking and Talking for Wellness and Connection with Laura Conely hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

July 22:  Building Communities that Matter with Isabel Hundt & Ayelet Baron hosted by Noel Marshall


July 15:  Understanding the Science & Mystery of Human Lightbody with Cynthia Diane Clayton (Karima) hosted by Noel Marshall


July 8:  The Power of Your Words with Dr Janet Smith Warfield hosted by Bob Warner


July 1:  Gifts of the Magi Room Review with Dr. Jean Houston Keynote (Replay from World UNITY Week) hosted by Noel Marshall & Bob Warner & Guests

June 24:  "The World Is My Country" FILM and Q & A with the Director Arthur Kanegis as a part of World UNITY Week - NOT YET AVAILABLE

June 17: Ageless Wisdom and Trauma Healing in Turbulent Times with Dr. Marty K. Casey hosted by Dot Maver


June 10:  Let's DO Something! - World UNITY Week with Ben Bowler hosted by Annie Spade and Tex Albert 


May 27: Understanding the journey through a global hypnosis! with Jane Sorbi hosted by Bob Warner


May 20: What is your identity if not your name? with Mandi Solk hosted by Karen Trujillo-Heffernan

May 13: EMBODIED LIVING: What does this mean, how can we do it, what can it help? with Shawna Emerick hosted by Patrick Heffernan


May 6:  LOVE first. Always with Tracie Jae hosted by Karen Trujillo-Heffernan


April 22:  Family Food Traditions & How they impact our Personal ; Familial & Global Communities with Karen Trujillo-Heffernan hosted by Bob Warner


April 22:  Give the Earth Back to the Arms of Love with Victoria and Ron Friedman hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner


April 15:  Past Lives & Akashic Records with David Barnett hosted by Kathy Mason


April 8:  Weaving Ancient Wisdom: Hoops in Harmony with Chief Daniel Ramos, Alda Glover and Grandmother Iya Tahirah hosted by Shelley Darling


April 1:  Choose Only Love with Sebastian Blaksley hosted by Elliott Robertson

March 25:  What's In Your Head & On Your Mind with John Riemer hosted by Dr Catherine Riemer


March 18: DNA Activator & Intuitive with Shirley Bolstok hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner


March 11: Test Driving While Black with Sekou Writes hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner


March 4: Dinacharya - Aligning to Nature's Rhythms with Patrick Heffernan hosted by Karen Trujillo-Heffernan


February 25: Where Eagles Fly: Singing the Hoop of Many Hoops with Shelley Darling hosted by Elaine Silver

February 11: What's It All About, Alfi? with Rev. Gene Ferrara hosted by Zachary Johnson


February 4:  The Chrysalis: Native and White in One Breath with Dr. Catherine Swan Reimer hosted by Zachary Johnson


January 28:  Holding the High Watch with Elaine Silver hosted by Rev. Toni LaMotta


January 21:  The Healing Power of Love with Zachary Johnson hosting by Annie Spade & Karen Trujillo-Heffernan


January 14:  2020 HINDSIGHT: Its Pearls & Perils with Karen Trujillo-Heffernan and Friends

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