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2023 CCC "Creator Convos" Replay Directory
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December 28:  Hope in a Troubled World with Susan Stark Christianson hosted by Noel Marshall & Bob Warner


December 21:  Children's Books of Love and Care with Victoria Friedman & Riane Eisler hosted by Noel Marshall & Bob Warner


December 14: Emotional Empowerment and Peace with Teri Angel hosted by MarBeth Dunn


December 7:  Conscious Communication - EASY Method with Gary Goodhue hosted by Noel Marshall & Bob Warner

November 30:  Get Right With Your Soul. Your Life and Work Will Follow with Meghan Gilroy hosted by Rita Marsh


November 23:  OPEN MIC! Gratitude Gathering with Noel and Bob


November16: Gratitude for Neighbors with Rev. Dr. Vicki Garlock hosted by Noel Marshall


November 9:  Catalyze Your Sacred Future Human in the NOW with Janice Hall hosted by Noel Marshall

November 2:  Footprint of a Heart with Shayla “Kiddo” Paradeis hosted by

Rita Marsh


October 26:  Soul expression through Channeled Music with Ernestine Day hosted by Reina Shay Broussard


October 19: Rock Your Midlife: 7 Steps to Transform Yourself with Dr. Ellen Albertson hosted by Kathy Mason


October 12:  Quantum Healing Explained with Bonnie Burd hosted by Rachelle Gehman

October 5:  Evolutionary Relationship: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening with Patricia Albere hosted by Laura George

September 28:  Climate Change, Feedback Loops, Tipping Points and Nonlinear Relationships with Gar Bergstedt hosted by Kathy Mason


September 21: Memories, Dreams, Reflections with Cynthia Marsh hosted by Kathy Mason


September 14:  Access Your Enlightened Self with Erica Blackbear hosted by Noel Marshall

September 7:  The Golden Rule, Sailing for a Nuclear-Free World & a Peaceful Sustainable Future with Helen Jaccard hosted by Noel Marshall


August 31:  "Compass of Hope" Playshop & Celebration with Dr. Cynthia Clayton hosted by Noel Marshall


August 24:  POSTPONED ~ Access Your Enlightened Self with Erica Blackbear hosted by Noel Marshall


August 17: Beyond the Veil: Luminous Lessons from NDEs and STEs with Victoria Reynolds, Shaun Martin, Bri Lafferty, Vicki Werner hosted by Kathy Mason


August 10:  Journey to the Source of Creativity with Patricia Daly-Lipe hosted by Noel Marshall

August 3:  21 Day World Peace Experiment with Marbeth Dunn and Teri Angel hosted by

Noel Marshall

July 27:  Awakening to Wholeness: The Healing Power of Love with Patricia Grabow hosted by Kathy Mason


July 20: Birthing a Paradigm Shift From Mental Illness to Evolution with Hilary Van Welter hosted by Danielea Castell


July 13:  After the Afterlife: Memories of My Past Lives with Kelvin Chin hosted by Noel Marshall

July 6:  Climate Advocacy as a Form of Planetary Consciousness with Stephen Dynako hosted by Shelley Darling

June 29:  Angels, Compassion and Love with Michael Andre Ford hosted by Kathy Mason


June 22:  Reigniting Our Human Story of Fierce Hope with Joe Weston hosted by Gina Mazza


June 15: Reality Crafting in World Service with Suzanna Kennedy hosted by Kathy Mason


June 8:  Online Reading Party with Psychic Medium Rachelle Gehman hosted by Noel Marshall

June 1:  The Invisible Garment with Connie Kaplan hosted by Cathy Roberts

May 25:  Power of Sound: Raising the Vibration of the Mass Consciousness with Jeanne White Eagle hosted by Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel

May 18:  Communication and CoCreation with the Nature Elders with Danielea Castell hosted by Hilary Van Welter


May 11: CoCreating Sacred Peace - Pura Vida in Costa Rica with Bob Warner, Gail Nystrom, Noel Marshall & Rosemary Zitek

May 4:  FIERCE Consciousness: Surviving the Sorrows of Earth and Self with Trebbe Johnson hosted by Bob Warner

April 27:  Intuitive Imagery: Accessing Your Inner Genius on Demand with John Brady Pehrson hosted by Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel

April 20:  Empowered Healing, Nourishing the Nervous System, & the Role of Psychedelics with Julie Devilbiss hosted by Rita Marsh


April 13: The Law of Polarity (or WTF Is Happening?) with Rev. Laura George hosted by Maginel Galt

April 6:  Nepal Is Calling, photography by D. J. HInman with Dr. Donald J. Hinman hosted by Dr. Noel Marshall

March 30:  From Audacity to Courage: An Interfaith Case for Social Justice with Tahil Sharma hosted by Bob Warner


March 23:  The Path of the Spiritual Warrior with Raphael Weisman hosted by Karen Trujillo-Heffernan


March 16: Everything is Energy: Want to Work with Yours? with Fran Bailey hosted by Kathy Mason


March 9:  Apology Ceremonies to the Original Peoples & their Ancestors - Global Grid with Mare Cromwell hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

March 2:  Rise of the Divine Feminine and the Importance of Mary Magdalene with Christy Michaels hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

February 23:  Interstellar University Vision, Scope and Purpose with Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson hosted by LeeAnn Heltzel


February 16: Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation with Gail Nystrom hosted by Noel Marshall and Bob Warner


February 9:  The Heartfelt Medium book - How to Develop Your Mediumship Naturally with Rachelle Gehman hosted by Kathy Mason


February 2:  Deep CoCreation for Activating Divine Potential with Sheri Herndon hosted by Rev. Laura George

January 26:  Personal Heart Power: Transforming to a Love-Focused Life with Grace Lynn & Michelle Marie hosted by Kathy Mason


January 19: Integrating Our Many Selves with Sheryl Sitts hosted by Gail Hawley


January 12:  Help make the IMPACT as we Gather Healers Globally to Heal a Heart, a Nation, a World with Bunny Sings Wolf hosted by Cate Roberts


January 5:  Cosmic Synchronicity: Mayan Wisdom with Annie Spade hosted by Noel Marshall

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