"Christ is Not a Person" 
with Gary Springfield
Rita Marsh
Thursday, May 26, 2022
5:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Mountain /
7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern


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Christ is the creative mechanism of manifestation. It is the mystical marriage of divine masculine power and sacred feminine love, which creates a geometric prism of consciousness and light around a person ... the star tetrahedron or Christ Star.

When activated you evolve into human/divine consciousness and can summon spirit from the open doorway within the heart to create and manifest reality. Life on the planet is in jeopardy. Humankind must evolve to become enlightened co-creators who can revitalize Earth and all life upon it. This is the next evolutionary step for man/womankind as Earth's environment resets and transforms into a new paradigm of love and peace.

We will have a 10 minute meditation towards the end.


Gary Springfield is a spiritual teacher and meditation master who has dedicated his life to the path of enlightenment.The purpose of his work is to assist individuals in creating spiritual, mental and emotional coherence which allows the innate perfection of the Soul or Higher-Self to be revealed within form.

This integration of the Higher-Self within physicality creates a human/divine form. This is the next stage of evolution on Earth, and will allow humanity to regenerate the planet and eradicate suffering and disease.

He authored the book: SOURCE DIALOGUES: The Miracle Mechanism of Manifestation with Sondra Sneed.


Gary is offering his book at 50% discount to participants.
Email Gspring33@gmail.com


Gary Springfield

Rita Marsh
The Center for Human Flourishing

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