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Dolphin's Gift to Humanity
with Linda Shay
Hosted by Mare Cromwell
Thursday, May 2, 2024
5:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Mountain /
7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern


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They will discover - and feel - who the dolphins really are and how their presence on Earth heals, uplifts, and transforms the human experience. I will lead a guided visualization to bring in the high-frequency presence of Dolphin for heart opening, healing, and increased connection to self and All of Life.


Linda Shay is a Dolphin Ambassador for Joyful Living, author, spiritual mentor, pioneer in the field of Dolphin Energy Healing, and founder of Dolphin Heart World. For over 25 years, Linda has been in partnership with the Dolphin Consciousness to create Unity-Community on Earth.

In 1996, a magical encounter with a wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin changed Linda's life forever. Shortly afterwards, this former banker said "Yes" to Dolphin’s mysterious invitation to be one of their ambassadors on land, and to do dolphin energy healing as her career. Linda’s profound 7-year inner dolphin journey began that led to a spiritual awakening in 2003 when she woke up one morning brand new.

A new spiritual path for humanity, created by the Dolphin Consciousness, emerged – The Dolphin Heart Experience – which creates an evolutionary leap in human consciousness, supports us in creating lives that reflect this new quality of consciousness, and creates a pathway for the beautiful healing frequencies of the dolphins to be shared with others.

Linda shares her remarkable story in her book: Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land.


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