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2017 CCC Third Thursday (Re)Union Call Replay Directory







































January 19th:  The Office For the Future Update with Barbara Marx Hubbard; hosted by Nina Patrick

February 16th:  Flowing with the 2017 Transformational Shifts with Richard Yiap, hosted by Darlis Mayes

March 16th:  Integrating the Galactic Self with Sandra Walter, hosted by Pamela Jane Gerrand

April 20th:  Easy Ways to Enter the New Paradigm with Inelia Benz, hosted by Kathy Mason

June 15:  EARTH ~ From Another View with Giulia Roggia, 

hosted by Bob Warner

July 20:  Lynda Lamp works with Yemanya Carey and towards the end of her comedic stories, she shares her experience with Yemanya!

August 17:  The Journey Back to Love: Living with an Open Heart Free of Fear
Sandie Sedgbeer
Talk TV/Radio Show Host, Author, &Publishing, Marketing & Media Consultant
Suzy Miller
Visionary Speaker, Author, Telepathic Communicator, and Multidimensional Seer

September 21:  Do Trees Have Consciousness

Tigrilla Gardenia; Damanhur, Italy
Amrita Khalsa, CEO; TreeSisters
HOST: Jennifer Evanko

October 19: Barbara Marx Hubbard and Steve Farrell will help you identify if YOU are part of the evolving Universal Human and explore Barbara's new offering: Awakening the New Species

November 16: TOPIC: Co-Creating Health in Your Community
GUEST: Beth Misner
HOST: Mark Porteous

December 14: TOPIC: Living in 5D; Wisdom from Empath Whisperer

GUEST: Jade Rehder
HOST: Kathy Mason

a deep conversation as we will explore the topic of global reforestation, plant communication and how our conscious awareness can make a difference.

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