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2022 CCC "Creator Convos" Replay Directory
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December 22:  10th Anniversary of Birth 2012 ~ with the Co-Creators Convergence Community hosted by Bob Warner and Noel Marshall

December 15:  Unconscious Conscious Co-Creation with Maureen Edwardson hosted by Noel Marshall

December 8:  All About: WE, the World with Jana Larsen, hosted by Noel Marshall


December 1:  Connecting to Your Soul Tribe with Mark Porteous, Lisa Engles Witter and Ronda Renee


November 17:  The Shifting Godhead & Law of Gender with Laura George hosted by Gina Mazza


November 10:  Becoming One: Holographic DNA & Embodying Infinity with Geraldine Orozco hosted by Phil Gruber

October 27:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracles (But Were Afraid to Ask) with Maureen Whitehouse hosted by Mark Porteous

October 20: Universal Secrets Revealed: Use Sacred Geometry Principles to Empower Your Life with Gail & Gregory Hoag hosted by Mark Porteous

October 13:  Your Ancestors Have Waited Your Whole Life for THIS Moment! with Amy Gillespie Dougherty hosted by Carolyn McGee

October 6:  New Earth Empires with Ty Gold hosted by Noel Marshall


October 1:  How to get to a World BEYOND War with David Swanson hosted by Ben Bowler


September 29:  What is Non-Duality and How is it Ultimately Practical? with Ron & Victoria Friedman hosted by Bob Warner

September 22:  Exploring Angelology: the Essene Communions with the Angels with Rosemary Zitek hosted by Noel Marshall

September 15: Understanding the Hue-Man Soul with Hillis Pugh hosted by Kathy Mason


September 8Next Month's News Now! with Angelia LaRue hosted by Kathy Mason


September 3:  A Path To Remembrance with A'Marie B. Thomas-Brown hosted by Noel Marshall


September 1:  INSPIRED LIVING: Superpowers for Health, Love and Business with Carolyn McGee hosted by Mark Porteous

August 25:  The Continuing Saga of the Indigo Children with Philip Louis Gruber hosted by Jodi Serota

August 18:  The Miracle of Scalar Light- A New Era of Remote Healing with Tom Paladino hosted by Kathy Mason


August 11:  Being Authentic is Your SUPER POWER! with Cheryl Murphy hosted by Rita Marsh


August 6 :  Conversation with Cancer with Dr. Tom Acklin hosted by Haseena Patel


August 4:  From the Mundane to the Miraculous: Assessing the Trust Frequency Through the Liminal Odessey with Connie Baxter Marlow and Sande Hart


July 28:  Journey into the Heart of Creativity with Patricia Daly-Lipe hosted by Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

July 21:  A Long Journey - African Astronomy Contributions with Mike Frisch hosted by Bob Warner


July 14:  From Fear-Mongering to Joy-Producing Community Action with Joy Gilfilen hosted by Kim Conrad


July 9 :  Federation of DAMANHUR: A Living Laboratory for the Future of Humanity with Crotalo Sesamo hosted by Jennifer Evanko


July 7:  Conversations from the Sunray Peace Village with Rev. Meli hosted by Dr. Olivia Cheever

June 30:  The Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls with Jodi Serota hosted by Joan of Angels (Hangarter)

June 23:  The Evolutionary Dance - Because You Can't Get There from Here! Stories and Ritual with Rev. Carol Kilby, Ret. hosted by Noel Marshall

June 18-25: CoCreators Global Village at World Unity Week


June 9:  Soul Fire with Mz. imani White hosted by Cathy Roberts


June 4:  The Salmon Way and Three Ways to Facilitate Peace at Local, National and International Levels with Prof. Jordi Palou-Loverdos hosted by Olivia Cheever


June 2:  What happened before the Big Bang? with Sarbmeet Singh Kanwal, PhD hosted by Viola Olsen

May 26:  Christ is Not a Person with Gary Springfield hosted by Rita Marsh


May 19: Relevant, Resilient, Right-Relationed with Kat Haber hosted by Noel Marshall


May 12:  Wise Beyond Your Fears with Sherryl Lin Taylor hosted by Noel Marshall


May 7:  The Power of Words to Create with Kim Conrad hosted by Joy Gilfilen


May 5:  Awakening Your Codes of Consciousness with Jodi Serota hosted by Kathy Mason

April 28:  The 7 Blessings of Human Experience - A Conversation with Author Simran Singh hosted by Jennifer Evanko


April 21: Dancing with the Goddess Corona with Becky Suzik hosted by Bob Warner


April 14:  Aligning Our Rhythms with Patrick Heffernan hosted by Noel Marshall


April 7:  One Person Can Change the World with Courtney Bohlman hosted by Bob Warner


April 2: Break Down to Break Through: A Cosmic Way Forward with Jennifer Morgan hosted by Imogene Drummond


March 31:  Journey into the Heart of Divine with Dafna Mordecai hosted by Joan of Angels (Hangarter)

March  24:  Finding Meaning through Meeting Death with Sharon Coyle-Saeed hosted by Kelvin Chin

March 17: Consciousness Revolution with Jon Turk hosted by Rita Marsh


March 10:  Return to the Birthplace of the Gods with Shelley Darling hosted by Noel Marshall


March 5:  Personal Sovereignty Through Healing - The Mind-body-spirit Connection with Haseena Patel hosted by Kim Conrad


March 3: Mystical Gifts from Past Life Experiences with Dr. Pamela Gerali hosted by Kathy Mason


February 24:  The Shadow of a Bass Man: The Paul McCartney Story with Anne Walsh hosted by Kathy Mason

February 17: Sacred Balance Global Grid with Mare Cromwell hosted by Noel Marshall


February 10:  How and Why To Do A Conscious Act of Peacemaking with Barbe Chambliss hosted by Rita Marsh


February 5:  Ancient Wisdom: Remembering Who We Are with Anne Spade hosted by Becky Suzik


February 3: Lessons from the Scottish Wild Cat: Uncovering delusion, finding clarity and taking appropriate Action. Moving from Realization and Indigenous Knowing with Grandmother Mari Fix McEwen hosted by Patricia Anne Davis

January 27:  Overcoming the Fear of Death: Through Each of the 4 Main Belief Systems with Kelvin Chin hosted by Kathy Mason/Noel Marshall


January 20:  How to Step Into the MIRACULOUS with Joan Hangarter hosted by Kathy Mason


January 13:  Stop Negative Thinking! CoCreate the New Species of Humans with Barbara Ireland hosted by Kimberly Clark Sharp


January 8:  Living Your Full Potential as a Member of a New Species with Sheri Herndon hosted by Noel Marshall


January 6:  Regenerative System Resetting with Alana Marsh hosted by Jenny Bowler

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