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2020 CCC Thursday (Re)Union Call Replay Directory













































January 16:  Experience Antonian Stone Healing
GUEST: Angie LaRue, Certified Master Crystologist, Energy Practitioner


February 20:  YOUR Role in the 2020 Caravan of Unity

GUEST:  Ben Bowler, Executive Director, Unity Earth

Ben Bowler.png

March 19:   Healing Sessions

GUEST: Dr. Paul Hannah


April 16: Trauma and PTSD Healing Sessions

GUEST:  Cherie Doyen

Cherie Doyen.jpg

May 21:  The Way Forward: Life on a Higher Spiral

GUEST: Jane Sorbi, Mother of The White Eagle

                                            Lodge of the Americas

Jane Sorbi.jpg

June 18: May Peace Prevail on Earth ~ Preparing for World UNITY Week

GUEST:  Fumi Johns-Stewart, Executive Director, May Peace Prevail on Earth, Int'l


July 16:  World Synergy & Unity Medicine

GUESTS: Sommer Joy and Jon Ramer

jon ramer.jpg
sommer ramer.jpg

August 21:  Project Heaven on Earth

GUEST:  Martin Rutte

Martine Rutte 1.jpg

September 3: Heart 2 Heart Connection 

GUEST:  Karen Trujillo-Heffernan  

Karen H Sept 3 2020.jpg

September 10: How to use the power of the big ugly feels as rocket fuel for your purpose

GUEST:  Dena DeLuco  

Dena Sept 10 2020.jpg

September 17: What if creavity and imagination are human capacities that can be used to tap into one's highest potential?

GUEST:  Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel

Lee Ann Sep 17 2020.jpg

September 24: Out of Your Mind, Into Your Power

GUEST:  Jennifer Evanko

jennifer Sept 24 2020.jpg

October 1: Synchronicity ROCKS!

GUEST:  Olivia Cheever

Olivia Oct 1 2020.jpg

October 8: Harnessing Love: Teilhard de Chardin & the Secret Childhood

GUEST:  Annie Spade

Oct 7 2020 Annie Spade.jpg

October 15: Uncovering the Secret of Childhood: Establishing a path to enlivening LOVE & supporting humanity's becoming

GUEST:  Annie Spade


October 22: Evolving Consciousness through Shared Embodied Spiritual Practice

GUEST:  Luke Healy

HOST: Annie Spade

Luke Haedy - Oct 22 2020.jpg

October 29: Spiritual Beings Having a Political Experience

GUEST:  Bob Warner

HOST: Karen Heffernan

Bob W Oct 29 2020.jpg

November 5: A Conversation with Peter Melton

GUEST:  Peter Melton

HOST: Bob Warner

Peter Melton Nov 5 2020.jpg

November 12: Conscious Aging

GUEST:  Dr. Toni LaMotta

HOST: Luke Healy

Toni LaMotta.jpg

November 19: How Intuition Feeds the Soul.

GUEST:  Ahsaki Kai

Ahsaki Kai - Nov 19 2020.jpg

December 3:  Accessing Your Heart's Wisdom

GUEST: Elliott Robertson

Elliott Robertson.jpg

December 10:  Awakening the Soul of Power

GUEST: Christian de la Huerta

Christian de la Huerta.jpg

December 17:  Dare to Suck

GUEST: Keri-Anne Livingstone

kerianne 2.png
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