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2015 CCC Teleconference Replay Directory


January 1st:  Barbara Marx Hubbard hosted by Noel Marshall / Bob Warner







January 15th: GOOD of the WHOLE Premiere! Julie Krull, Nina Patrick and Shelley Darling







February 5th:  Darlis Mayes hosting Janet Royko with Messages from the Arcturians







February 19th:  Lisa Jeanne Vunk on Sacred Sexuality






March 5th:  Suzanne Strisower on Awakening To Your Purpose






March 19th:  Mark Porteous on Inspired Messenger Network






April 2nd:  Grandfather Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack hosted by Shelley Darling







April 16th:  TC North on Fearless Leadership 





May 7th:  Convergence Reunion !  (with attendees of prior Convergences)







May 21st:  Egypyt Spirit Family Reunion






June 4th:  Stephan Coutts hosted by Lisa Jeanne Vunk




June 18th:  Eyal Karoutchi hosted by Juliana Del Mar





July 2:  Convergence 2015 Prep Call ! 





August 6:  Shajen Joy Aziz - author of Discover The Gift






August 20: Sharron Rose - Producer of the breakthrough movie The Last Avatar - hosted by Kathy Mason





September 3, 2015:  Shvasti - hosted by Jane Sibbett






September 17, 2015:  Barbara Marx Hubbard and Laura George, The Oracle Institute





October 1, 2015:  Mare Cromwell talks of The Great Mother






October 15 2015:  Kiara Windrider hosted by Kathy Mason






November 5, 2015:   Dr. Don Pet talks about Einstein's solution to World Peace  






November 19, 2015:  Kristina Wood hosted by Kathy Mason







December 3, 2015:  Clare Dakin hosted by Shelley Darling





December 17, 2015:  Marian Head










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