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Memories, Dreams, Reflections with Cynthia Marsh
with Cynthia Marsh
hosted by
Kathy Mason
Thursday,  September 21, 2023
5:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Mountain /
7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern


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Cynthia Marsh encountered a low flying UFO/UAP at the age of
fifteen (15). The memory of this event profoundly affected the direction her life would take. Cynthia began dreaming of symbols, unknown character sets, light beings, and sacred geometry templates and patterns. She felt compelled to share these gifts with others - - turning the dream downloads into beautiful paintings and offering one on one and group workshops for our local community and beyond.


Cynthia's highly artistic career background has evolved into facilitating the memories of witnesses and principals in the forensic arena for numerous law enforcement agencies and organizations as a certified forensic artist (CFA). Most of all, Cynthia's special gifts now include helping many near-death experiencers and contactees in documenting their memories.



A lifelong artist, muralist and educator, Cynthia has exhibited her work in the NY area for over 20 years where she also painted many public murals. After moving to Colorado in 2010 she became a Forensic Artist in an effort to use her talents in service to others. Cynthia has worked on cases for over a dozen law enforcement agencies and has been featured on several news stories about her work as a forensic artist.

She has been a presenter at the Denver Museum of Art, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, The Denver Botanic Gardens, at CU Boulder and at many Forensic Conferences, schools and Law Enforcement Departments. Her skills as a forensic sketch artist have also been applied in documenting the memories of contactees and near death experiencers.

Cynthia’s current work began years ago when symbols and sacred geometries were shown to her in dreams. This evolving body of work represents Cynthia’s best effort at stepping out of the way, and allowing the dreams to come through without judgment, much like the work she does as a forensic artist, documenting the memories of others.


Cynthia Marsh


Kathy Mason

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