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Co-Creating in the New 5D World
with Mark A Shryock
hosted by
Noel Marshall & Bob Warner
Thursday,  April 25, 2024
5:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Mountain /
7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern


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Channeled: On March 1, 2024, the dragon lines ( Energy Rivers and Streams) of both Earth and Humanity began to be reactivated or relit. This activation was completed on the evening of March 3 USA EST. Not since Atlantis fell has this grid existed, which cut off all Earth and Humanity of Higher Source Energy unless reconnecting through a very laborious initiation process. Many great lights came and worked to thin this veil and keep the flame of love and the light of the world and humanity from diminishing altogether. Many of you played a part in this, lifetime after lifetime, despite maybe having no conscious memory of it, and have suffered and sacrificed greatly to do so. But this veil has now fallen.

What this means is that anyone can now channel higher galactic energy and Co-create using 5D energy. You are all channels of the higher light and are now called to anchor this light through your unique lens and mission for the Earth and all Humanity. But 5D energy is very different than 3D Energy. Trying to create in 5D using 3D ways will begin to grow increasingly difficult. Creating with 5D will become increasingly easier and is already the dominant stream of light over 3D now on Earth. This truly changes everything. Lightworkers and starseeds must now begin to cocreate using the new 5D light. We ask before coming together that you explore this in your own heart and that you reflect and meditate on this seed thought before we meet. --- It is not accidental the living matrix of the word "Earth" is "Heart".


In late 1986 my Kundalini completely rose to my higher Chakras. After this I could see Auras and people's past lives in their energy veil in their faces and every moment had mystical intuitive experiences and began to channel. This was at first rather disturbing! In 1987 I looked out a window and followed a ray of light in the sky to were about hundred people had been guided to come to anchor the Harmonic Convergence on August 16 and 17th. I was trained starting at this time to prepare for what is occurring now. The preparation consisted of multi streams of light and experiences that we lead me through codependency treatment and then to work in the same treatment center, to ecology work, art, writing, working as a professor and to Asia for a decade. I have an MA in Humanities in Cosmology, Ecology and Consciousness and was a PhD fellow at Pondicherry University in India. I was honorary professor at the School of Ancient Wisdom in India, and have an honorary doctorate in divinity. I am an artist, author and speaker. I am also in business and own and operate three LLC's.


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