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2018 CCC Third Thursday (Re)Union Call Replay Directory













































January 18th: TOPIC: The Ancient Ones Are Calling Us–Jump Start Your Listening.

GUEST: Sue Cimino

February 15th:  TOPIC: Opening Your Heart to HeartThread
GUEST: Flo Magdalena
HOST: Karen Trujillio Heffernan, Raphael Weisman

March 16th:  TITLE: Rise Above! A Creative Perspective on Living Your Best Life
GUEST: Whitney Freya
HOST: Shelley Darling

April 19th:  TITLE:  It's All Energy! Akashic Records Q and A

GUEST: Darlis Mayes

HOST:  Kathy Mason

May 17:  TITLE: Experience a Taste of Divine Eros!
GUEST: Patricia Ellsberg (

July 19, 2018: TITLE: The Gift of Pain in Life to Accelerate Your Light
GUESTS: Jade Rehder & Laura D. Barton

laura barton.jpg
Jade Rehder BEST.jpg

August 16th: TITLE: The Incredible Path to Wholeness
GUEST: Mary Reed

Mary Reed.jpg

September 20th: TOPIC: Activating the High Priest/Priestess Within
HOST: Nina J. Patrick
GUESTS: Michelle Orwick and Marie Mbouni

Michelle Orwick.png

October 18: TOPIC: Experience the Beauty of Qi Gong
HOST: Kathy Mason

GUEST: Sharron Rose

Kathy M.JPG

November 14:  TOPIC: Message of the Kogi & Otomi - Part 1

GUEST: Ana Negron-Navarro & Mindahi Batisda

Ana Negron-Navarro.jpg

June 21: TITLE: CCC HeartFULL CoCreation Redux

Marie Mbouni.png

December 20: TOPIC: 7 Days of Rest
GUEST: Julie Krull, Shelley Darling, Linda Rosenthal

Julie Krull.jpg
Shelley D.JPG
Linda Rosenthal.jpg
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