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This Co-Creators Convergence community connect through this website, a very active Facebook page and two other vital connection elements.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Heart-Full Co-Creation"

Co-Creators Convergence


Each year since 2013 (except 2020, of course), we have gathered in-person, in a circle of LOVE to support one another, share our hearts and Gifts to Humanity and have FUN!

Thursday Night CCC "Convos"

Connection made possible by "technology-for-good", as Barbara Marx Hubbard would label it.

Beginning in 2014, we began having monthly calls ("FreeConferenceCall") to gather, learn more about the gifts we are bringing to humanity and support one another. By 2017, we transitioned to video calling - and, by 2020, CCC was joining with the world-wide movement of Unity Earth, creating a week-long World UNITY Week of on-line programming. In the next 2 years, CCC created a wave of presentations in four week-long events.

In 2021, we began a model of every "Conversationalist" "paying-it-forward" by offering to host another Conversationalist.  This multipded the joy, connection and depth of the Gifts To Humanity, that ALL Conversationalists bring.

There is now an archives of conversations with over 250 AMAZING humans!


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