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An Unscripted Retreat of Co-Creators!

October 13-17, 2021

White Eagle Lodge  ~  Montgomery, TX

We hope this letter finds you well and thriving during these “times”. The CCC has done its best to stay connected by having weekly calls instead of monthly, participating in international events such as the U+P Convergence, MLK Convergence and World Unity Week to mention a few. Thank you to those who generously contributed in one fashion or another. 

The events mentioned above, however, have all been online. 

Is it time to get together “in the flesh”? 

Here is a proposal: 

We gather in person at White Eagle Lodge in Montgomery, TX, October 13-17, 2021.
You can learn more about WEL here: 



Begins at lunch on Wednesday, October 13 ~ complete at lunch on Sunday, October 17th !



Pay only for your transportation, room and lodging. Here is the rate for our group. Each room has two single beds and its own full bathroom: 

Visiting Retreats/Workshops NON-PROFIT per person* · $115 per night with 3 meals · $ 55 day – commuter rate, includes lunch (can purchase other meals with notice) 

FYI, Noel and Bob have spent many days/weeks/months on the beautiful 77-acre campus of White Eagle Lodge enjoying – among other things: the beautiful 7 spiral labyrinth with firepit in the center; meditation in the Sacred Grove; walks along the pond and the beautiful grounds and study by the fireplace in their retreat library. In addition, the saltwater swimming pool is sparkling and the Temple of the Rose is a sacred temple where we are welcomed to gather. A final note is that the retreat center had a flood during the great freeze in TX. As a result, the entire retreat center has recently been replaced – floor to ceiling and everything in between including new mattress, bedding… the works! Finally, a new chef, Eugene, has arrived from California. He is a master chef using only fresh ingredients, vegan (no meat allowed on the premises) and refuses canned/processed food… and good? You have to taste to believe!  YUM! 


All these positives being said, I know there will be questions about “safety” and it is our intention to be fully transparent. Eugene, the chef, has not been vaccinated and some of the WEL staff is vaccinated and some are not. It is their position that this is a serious personal decision and they do not discriminate one way or another. FYI, Bob and I chose to be vaccinated, however, we do not judge those who choose differently. It’s your choice. FYI, Social distancing can easily be accommodated. 

IMPORTANT: The Theme for our gathering is PARTY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT! That being said, there is NO Weaver Team and therefore NO set agenda. This is about BEing together.


Anyone is welcome to – in the moment (or before we convene) – suggest an activity to the group and attendees will have a choice to participate. Prior participants know our Convergences are ALL ABOUT EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES. For example, Dena might want to do a “pop-up” writing exercise; Marcia may want to lead those interested in laughter yoga; John may want to take us on a meditative walk in the sacred grove. Or you may use this as a private journaling time.  Noel may want to have Michael Reccia ZOOM in to talk about The Joseph Communications; Bob may want to invite others for popcorn and a movie… EVERYTHING GOES! 

All that being said, let us know if attending is a GO or NO-GO for you: 

(1)   NO – It just doesn’t fit my schedule/needs at this time 


(2)   YES – however, I only want to go if it is required that everyone be vaccinated

(3)   YES – I don’t care if others are vaccinated or not, however, I only want to room with someone who matches my vaccination decision

(4)   YES – I don’t care about vaccination status  

If you are planning to attend, Noel will be handling registration, not WEL. Therefore, contact Noel and place a deposit of $100 by SEP 3 whether you are commuting or staying on site. You don’t have to stay the whole time, and we sure would like you to! We will meet if ten folks commit to attending, otherwise we will wait another year ☹ 

Please respond SOONEST ! 

With Love and In Service to the Highest, 

Noel (920.312.0301

Bob (920.418.4862


P.S. Transportation: WEL is located about an hour north of G.Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).WEL recommends a chap named Iain Maitland, 281-919-6487, an Uber driver, as someone who can transport folks to and from the airport. OR, we may have a local CCC volunteer to pick you up… who knows!

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