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Gathering of Light Bringers

October 14 - 18/19, 2022

White Eagle Lodge, Montgomery, TX, USA


This is the 9th gathering of the Co-Creators Convergence (CCC). Our group was formed by students inspired by the visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard in 2013. We have met annually in her memory to continue her work of visioning Humanity's breakthrough to higher vibrational Beingness and a world that works for everyone.

Our theme this year is "GATHERING OF LIGHT BRINGERS". We recognize that everyone has the potential to shine their Light and lift the vibration of the planet by sharing their "Gift to the Shift in Humanity". What is your gift?


It is a tradition at CCC that everyone who attends IS an unique gift and ALL are offered an opportunity to share that with the entire group. Interactive experiential processes are highly encouraged; lecture "presentations" are discouraged. [Information on how to submit a process for sharing is covered in the registration link below.]

Of course, everyone does not have to offer a process/experience! BEing fully present and participating is also a greatly valued gift. To that end, we always meet in circle and value everyone's form of contribution to the gathering.


Once again, we will gather at White Eagle Lodge of the Americas in Montgomery, TX. We will enjoy the sacred spaces including the "Temple of the Golden Rose", Labyrinth on Temple Hill, the Sacred Grove, and of course the outstanding accommodations, heated salt-water pool and the organic, vegetarian cuisine.


Event registration fee: $77 (no one will be turned away if unable to pay registration fee)
Shared room - private bath & meals $115/per person/night (2 night minimum)

Commuters: $55/full day; $65 to include evening meals.

Check in, Friday, Oct 14 after 3 PM
Check out, Tuesday, Oct 18 before 3 PM
Limited to 20 participants at White Eagle, plus commuters.


Check out, Wednesday, Oct 19th before 3 PM
White Eagle Lodge is allowing any registrant to stay an extra day for a personal retreat and will schedule massage therapists as requested.

SO, are you ready to "take the lid off" - as Barbara would say - and step into your greatness amongst a most loving community?



Noel Marshall ~ 920.312.0301



2615 St. Beulah Chapel Road
Montgomery, Texas 77316, USA
Ph: 936-597-5757 Fax: 936-597-5994


We have ten guest rooms in the Retreat House. Vegetarian meals are served at Saint John’s. For images and description of Saint John’s Retreat facilities visit our website at:

The CCC retreat starts after 3 pm on Friday, October 14, 2022, and ends after lunch on Tuesday, October 18. An option for remaining an extra day, until the 19th, is available for those wishing additional personal retreat time.

Special diet requests must be made four weeks in advance. A Saint John’s Retreat Coordinator will give a brief orientation to the group, likely at Friday dinner.


  • DVD-Video players with selection of movies and music (or bring your own)

  • Telephone Access - calling card required for long distance calls

  • Internet Access

  • Labyrinth for walking meditation

  • Library

  • Gift Shop

  • Therapeutic Swimming Pool treated with salt instead of chlorine

  • Audio-Visual Equipment

  • White Board

  • Piano


Meals are served buffet style in the dining room.
Meal times:
7:00 – 9:00am Self-Serve Breakfast
12:30 p.m. Lunch
6:00 p.m. Dinner


  • Check-in is from 3 pm to 5 pm on October 14. Dinner is at 6 pm.

  • Check-out is after lunch and by 3 pm on October 18, unless you are extending for a personal retreat day.


Attendees are welcome to join in our Sunday Worship Services at 11 am, followed by Contact Healing sessions; as well as Meditation at 8:30 am. Tuesday through Friday, and Healing through Prayer at 12 noon each weekday in the Temple.

If you wish to book a licensed yoga instructor or massage therapist. Please contact Retreat Coordinator to discuss these options at least three weeks prior your event.

REQUIRED PAPERWORK – to be completed on arrival:

  • Completed Emergency Information Sheet

  • Signed Waiver and Release of Liability

Facilitators and participants are requested to evaluate their stay by filling out an Evaluation Form. We greatly appreciate you sharing any comments, including constructive criticism, to improve our services.

WHAT TO BRING - Recommended Clothing:

  • Clothing in layers – evenings by the labyrinth can be cool

  • Comfortable hiking shoes, slippers / socks for inside the houses

  • Rain jacket or windbreaker, swimwear, sun hat & sunglasses, insect repellant.


Some basics:

  • A Telephone is available in dining room for local calls only (936) 597-8523. Long distance calls may be made with a calling card.

  • The office can be reached weekdays at (936) 597-5757 during the day. Messages can be left after office hours.

  • For map and directions go to .

  • Bring a Flashlight.

  • Guests must adhere to the posted Pool Rules.

  • First Aid Kit and Emergency Telephone Numbers are provided.

Respecting the Saint John’s Environment:

  • No recreational drugs on the premises. Beer and wine allowed with prior approval.

  • No smoking in the buildings or pool area. Be especially cognizant to prevent wildfires.

  • No meat product anywhere on the property.

  • We request that guests bring environmentally friendly shampoos and soaps.

  • No candles burning in sleeping rooms.

  • No food in sleeping rooms.

  • No driving on the grounds. Parking spaces are provided.

Awareness of the Land, the Climate & the Environment:

Saint John’s is a close-to-nature retreat center. It would be helpful to prepare emotionally and practically. We share the environment with plant and animal life.

Should you encounter a scorpion, tarantula or snake, (which is not common, yet possible), we invite you to contemplate the message or gift this animal relative is offering you. If you are bitten or stung, please notify the office for First Aid procedures.


Saint John’s cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect claim, incident, loss or damage to your person, your personal belongings, or your vehicle.


Ver Aug 17 2022

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