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Co-Creating a Delightful Expedition

October 6-11, 2024

JOY to the World  ~ Co-Creators Convergence 2024


Come to the mountain and JOYN us in a deep dive into JOY!  We will enter our deep dive through experiential processes on a co-creative expedition to a mountain experience of pure JOY!

We will climb our metaphorical mountain from the beautiful 4,200-foot mountain top in Highlands North Carolina, October 6-11, 2024.  The falls colors will brighten our collective imaginations as we delight in exploring JOY together individually and collectively.

As Barbara Marx Hubbard taught, we are at a point of “breakdown before breakthrough”.  Through the dramatic changes in ALL social and global systems-education, financial, climate, governmental, it can become very wearisome.  Our JOY “meters” might even be running critically low as we navigate this historic time on our planet. 

We will explore together:

  • What is the birth of JOY and how can it be entered?

  • What is authentic JOY?

  • How can “the shadow” hide JOY and drain personal energy?

  • How can JOY be embodied more fully?

  • How can “play” open and reveal the magic of JOY?

  • During our Convergence, we will De-Light in living through this dynamic time together and support each other in co-creating the mystery and wonder that JOY is revealing through us out into our world.



What to bring? YOU !

(More specifics later...)

Registration starting soon !

Check back here on on the CCC Facebook page:


Noel Marshall ~ 920.312.0301



Registration starting SOON!

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